Our mission is to be the catalyst for exponential growth for leaders in business and investment.
By providing bespoke virtual assistant services, we empower our clients to amplify their productivity tenfold, freeing them from operational burdens to concentrate on what they do best. Our concierge approach means we handle all the details, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Building a world where the true potential of leaders is unlocked, unburdened by operational constraints.


Honesty, ethical behavior, and a commitment to doing what is right.


Outstanding quality and performance in all areas.


The pursuit of new ideas, methods, and solutions in a rapidly changing business environment.


Flexibility, endurance, and a positive approach to overcoming obstacles.


Working together, sharing knowledge, and combining strengths to achieve common goals.


Our People


Harley founded Workergenix in 2022 after a 15-year career as a software architect in the defense industry. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a BS in Computer Engineering & Computer Science and an MS in Computer Science.

Leveraging virtual assistants himself for many years prior to starting Workergenix to grow his family’s business and investing endeavors; he had experienced, first-hand, their incredible benefits.

Harley saw the struggles of busy professionals who never had the time or capacity to grow their businesses or were never really moving the needle on their goals and wanted to find a way to help them. Taking all the lessons learned in finding and managing VAs, Harley decided to make it easy and affordable for leaders to free their time, make more money, and enjoy their lives through Workergenix Virtual Professionals.

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Adrienne, an entrepreneur at heart, is passionate about assisting fellow business owners in optimizing their efficiency. Her mission centers around elevating professionals by empowering them to focus on their core 20% tasks, while effectively delegating the remaining 80% to virtual experts.

Adrienne’s journey is a testament to this transformative approach. She transitioned from being a solitary real estate agent to successfully managing a thriving team of six agents and four virtual professionals. Her firsthand experience underscores the immense potential of virtual assistance in achieving professional growth and success.

With a deep-seated belief that everyone deserves to live their dream life, Adrienne is passionate about collaborating with professionals to understand their aspirations. She thrives on enabling individuals to leverage the power of virtual professionals to turn their dreams into a tangible reality.

Personally, Adrienne enjoys living her dream life with her husband and three children. They enjoy traveling, learning, and having adventures together.


Angie is now a full-fledged licensed Architect in the Philippines, but after 10 years in the field, she decided to pursue work where she can use her graphic design and video editing skills.

She has been a long member of a youth organization, where she spends most of her daytime meeting students to mentor and counsel them on spiritual growth and Godly leadership.

Besides architecture and graphic design, her other creative outlets are photography and bullet journaling. She is a planner, so when there’s a family vacation she always handles the itinerary and budget plan. Not to mention, most of this planning is done in the coffee shop.

Being a virtual professional allowed her to spend more time with her family and favorite people. She believes in the importance of accountability when working with her clients.


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, Annabelle gracefully transitioned from conventional to digital as she made her way through the virtual world. She has been a virtual bookkeeper for more than three years.

Passionate about cooking and family, she balances her time between her work and personal life. This balance, along with her commitment to her ministry, gives her life a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

What she loves about being a virtual professional is the freedom of time. Instead of traveling long hours to the workplace, she can work from the convenience of her home, which saves a lot of time, money, and energy.

She believes in continuous learning and has expanded her skills by taking bookkeeping master courses. This enables her to provide even better service to her clients. Her journey shows her adaptability and dedication to both her professional and personal lives.

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Arman is a graduate with a Bachelor of Agricultural Biosystem Engineering Degree.

His hobbies are reading different books and watching inspirational and motivational videos.
He is also interested in financial planning, investment, and real estate.

He gets to work with driven, diligent individuals who motivate him. And he always aims to have a positive client relationship.

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Ashley is a graduate with an associate degree in Multimedia Arts Technology.

Ashley loves learning different languages and exploring astrophysics.

She also loves watching movies and TV series. She spends her leisure time playing video games and writing poetries or science fiction stories.

She believes that building trust and bonds with clients is an imperative way to have more accomplishments and build a future with positive reviews and feedback.


Cailyn is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting degree.

Cailyn finds peace in nature. She loves traveling and exploring new things. She also likes to challenge herself by learning new skills until she is an expert in these skills.

With her years of experience as an administrative assistant and a customer service representative, she enjoys receiving good feedback from her customers, clients, colleagues, and supervisors. She always makes sure that she delivers high-quality outputs and services to her clients.


Cherry is a dedicated professional with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information Systems.

She enjoys scuba diving, hiking, and watching movies.

Cherry has a passion for painting, enjoys going to the beach, and finds joy in camping adventures.

As a virtual professional, she values the flexibility and freedom that remote work provides. This adaptability allows her to maintain a healthy work-life balance, ensuring she can devote time to her varied interests while excelling in her career.

Additionally, Cherry is committed to clear and effective communication, which she considers essential for successful collaboration in a remote setting. She utilizes digital tools to stay organized and is dedicated to continuous learning and skill enhancement, always striving to improve her productivity and the quality of her work.



Cris is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Degree. She is enthusiastic about what she does and willing to go the extra mile.

She likes learning and watching TV shows on Netflix. Also, during her free time, she tends to watch educational videos that involve technology. Aside from that she loves to travel and spends time with her dog.

Cris always makes sure that she is giving the best in everything that she does. She is passionate about doing her tasks and works hard to provide excellent service to her clients. 

She believes that change is constant so we should always learn how to conform. No matter what happens, always learn how to give your best in all challenges and situations.


Danica is passionate about outdoor family time and activities like volleyball and board games and skillfully integrates these experiences into her professional life.

Excelling in communication and collaboration, she shines in a virtual work environment. Embracing flexibility and freedom, Danica thrives in remote work, adeptly balancing life and work while contributing meaningfully from anywhere.

Committed to continuous learning, she consistently refines her digital skills and adapts to new technologies, maintaining her edge in professional excellence.

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Diana enjoys developing herself and broadening her knowledge and abilities in a variety of fields.

She holds a Master of Science in Public Health and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. She prefers to spend her spare time learning how to develop her skills.

She likes to explore new places, learn about health news, and broaden her culinary horizons.

She believes that she may improve both personally and professionally by utilizing learning opportunities whenever they arise.


Dwayne loves attending training about the new skills that will help him grow professionally. He is also a fan of documentaries about mysteries and space. He doesn’t go out a lot, but he always makes sure to catch up with his friends and loved ones.

What he loves about being a virtual professional is working comfortably at home. Being able to spend time with his family gives him peace and keeps him calm and ready for work.

Dwayne always gives his best to every task that is given to him. He is always open to learning and acquiring new skills that could help him grow professionally and maybe help my future clients as well.

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Jay is very passionate about what he is doing since this is his ideal work setup. Helping businesses grow by becoming an asset to them; vice versa, the company can also be a great asset to him.

Working as a virtual professional is something that Jay dreams of. He has a work-life balance in all areas of his life. Spending time with the people that he loves and doing activities that he wants.

He always aims for growth and development, so in his free time, he attends online seminars and courses to gather new tools and ideas on how he can improve his service.


Joanne is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her passion for continuous learning is evident in her hobbies, which include reading online news and articles about skills enhancement. Joanne also enjoys using her creativity to design engaging campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, showcasing her knack for social media marketing.

As a virtual professional, Joanne cherishes the work-life balance it provides, allowing her to spend quality time with her family. She believes that effective in a virtual setting requires strong time management skills to ensure all tasks are completed efficiently and a deep dedication to her work. Joanne is committed to continually improving and thriving in her virtual professional career.

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John is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation degree. Even though his education is different from his job today, he is flexible to learn all the stuff he needs to know about his role.

He is an amiable person, he always makes sure that no one is left behind. He loves indoor activities such as watching movies, and anime and playing video games. He also loves to spend time with his family during weekends.

John believes in the saying that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, that’s why he is a fighter and never backs down from any challenges in life.

John is a virtual professional with skills in social media management, lead generation, customer service, and graphic/video editing.


He is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program.

Julio is passionate about creating unforgettable moments through unmatched customer service and not just completes the tasks given but instead extends a mile. He is reliable, creative, detail-oriented, and a self-motivated, fast-paced learner. He always delivers high-quality work, meets deadlines, and values communication, feedback, and collaboration.

You will find him watching online videos that can contribute to his skills during his free time. Listening to music and watching comedy films is what makes him feel amused.

Julio believes remote work has become popular for employees across many industries. Working remotely and not having to commute to work.



Kim graduated with an Associate in Chemical Engineering Technology and a degree in Chemical Engineering. She might seem to like things related only to sciences and numbers, but she’s also on the creative side.

Her hobbies include taking pictures and editing photos, writing, listening to podcasts, and reading books related to investing, self-improvement, leadership, and spirituality.

Being a Virtual Professional allows her to serve as a ministry leader in her spare time. As a Christian, she believes in integrity and dedication when it comes to serving her clients.

She’s very keen on hiking as it gives her the inspiration that anything difficult can be conquered.
This same drive is what she upholds in her work.


He is passionate about leveraging technology to connect and collaborate across borders. He is dedicated to achieving excellence in remote work environments and committed to fostering innovation and productivity in virtual terms.

As a virtual professional, He brings 7 years of experience in the BPO industry to the remote work landscape. A diverse range of experiences has enriched his professional journey, but beyond the confines of his work, He thrives in exploring new horizons and pursuing his passions.

Balancing his role as a virtual professional with his hobbies such as riding on his motorbike and playing computer games allows him to bring a unique blend of efficiency, creativity, and fresh perspectives to every task. He firmly believes that nurturing personal interests enhances individual well-being and contributes to professional success by fostering adaptability and resilience.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Master’s in Environmental Management, Lyndon is armed with knowledge and experience that enable him to always bring something to the table.

His hobbies and interests include reading various books related to financial education, leadership, and management.

His goal as a virtual professional is to maintain a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that his professional commitments do not compromise the quality of time he spends with his loved ones.

He truly believes that fostering connections, offering support, and contributing positively to the well-being of others creates a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone involved.



Marie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Information and Communication Technology, and she takes satisfaction in giving her all on the job.

Being a people person, she genuinely connects with others. She enjoys learning new things, which motivates her to improve her abilities in order to better serve her clients’ requirements.

She enjoys drinking tea and coffee, and she always thinks that making her clients satisfied will make her happy.


Mitch is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education.

She is passionate with big goals for her family, friends, and future.

As a virtual professional with skills in social media management, she strives to positively impact the lives of business owners so that they will maximize their digital presence and grow through strategic social media marketing with her skills, and heart to help.

Mitch is fond of attending online training and watching videos related to freelancing to upgrade her skills. Because she believes in the power of continuous learning to stay relevant and competitive in the fast-paced digital world. And also to explore new opportunities for growth and development.


Princess, holding a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information Systems, skillfully blends her deep knowledge of finance with cutting-edge technology. Her love for mystery and romantic-comedy films brings joy and balance to her meticulous work life, while her visits to stylish coffee shops in her city serve as creative respites from her busy schedule.

Choosing to work remotely has transformed Princess’s life, offering her precious extra time with her family and eliminating the daily commute. This lifestyle not only saves her time, money, and stress but also enhances her well-being and allows for lifelong learning.

Professionally, Princess is dedicated and thorough, always delivering high-quality work. Her proactive approach to client relationships ensures that she anticipates and addresses their business needs effectively, making her an indispensable partner in their success.


To excel remotely, Richelle prioritizes communication with regular virtual meetings and emails. She’s a time management pro, setting daily goals for a focused routine. She’s committed to self-improvement and staying updated on industry trends. Work-life balance is key, ensuring she’s not just a better virtual professional but a happier one too.

Richelle loves the freedom of remote work. It lets her design her workspace, tailor her schedule to her life, and maintain a work-life balance. She can explore new places while working, creating a lifestyle she cherishes. Remote work fuels her productivity, sparks creativity, and makes her happy.

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She is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program. She is a K-drama fan, into vlogs, and loves iced coffee and samgyupsal.

Rizzalene loves to read interesting books, and if given free time, she would love to travel with her family and friends.

Working remotely allows her to spend more time with her family. It makes her feel happy and productive at work at the same time. For her, “work-life balance” is real.

At the time of the pandemic, she realized how important health is. By working in the comfort of her home, she managed to protect herself from harm and viruses. According to her, with this new setup, life becomes easier; for instance, she will no longer need to stand in a long line, wait for a bus, and get stuck in traffic.

To be a better virtual professional, she needs to establish clear communication between herself and the client. With this, a lot of concerns will be resolved. That is why she is still working consistently on her communication skills. Lastly, she is also willing to learn new things that will equip her for the day-to-day challenges faced by a virtual professional.



Shaira graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. During her spare time, she loves to read inspirational books that motivate her and help her grow. 

She is passionate about learning and experiencing new things. She also loves to spend time with her family and friends. 

Shaira believes that being dedicated and working productively will help her accomplish her tasks accordingly. She also believes that asking genuinely interesting questions is not a sign of weakness, it’s a strength that will help you to learn better.


Sophia holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and is a passionate virtual professional. She cherishes the balance between work and life that her remote career provides, allowing her to indulge in her hobbies of singing, cooking, reading, and sharing the Word of God. Her love for traveling and exploring new cuisines adds a dash of adventure to her life.

Sophia emphasizes clear and prompt communication, efficient time management, and organization through various tools and apps to excel as a virtual professional. She is committed to continuous learning to stay updated with the latest skills and trends. Sophia maintains a dedicated workspace to boost her productivity and takes regular breaks to stay refreshed. Setting clear goals and tracking her progress are key to her success, enabling her to enjoy her passions without compromising her career.


Zandhra enjoys growing personally and professionally by learning new skills and gaining knowledge in various fields.

She holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. She likes to use her free time. to learn and improve her skills. She enjoys discovering new places, gaining business insights, and expanding her skills to grow personally and professionally.