What can a Virtual Professional do?

Leveraging virtual professionals where you can delegate tasks is a huge leap for you to step up your business. Workergenix’s mission is to help businesses expand their investments, focus on the most profitable tasks and free their time from repetitive business tasks.

Learn how to be one step ahead and Workergenix guarantees you the comfort of having a virtual professional for your business needs.

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  • Creates marketing collaterals, writes newsletter (infographics, guides, brochures, proposals, flyers etc.)
  • Cold calling and sales pitch
  • (CRM) Customer relations Management
  • Ensures website is updated with well-optimized content
  • Generate new leads, nurture current leads & reach out old ones
  • Grow following and hit target audience
  • Informs audience about current promotions
  • Manages content posts on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok etc.)
  • Manage expense reports, orders and confidential financial information.
  • Refines the digital content and aesthetics of social platforms
  • Research company directories for leads & update lead database
  • Run digital advertising, Facebook ads, create content on YouTube channel, business page
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Helps increase company visibility and industry influence 
  • Strategize on how to promote the products, services or purpose of the business (Sales Plan)
  • Train employees


  • Attends to manpower concerns, email support and administrative queries
  • Help draft, manage contracts and carry out paperwork tasks
  • Make calls, conduct interviews, screen personnel
  • Make travel arrangements, purchases and bookings
  • Manage contact lists
  • Organize manager’s calendars & books appointments
  • Prepare customer spreadsheets and keep  online records updated
  • Sends out newsletter, company updates, memo, form preparation
  • Screens negative comments, rejects alarming tags and attends to feedback
  • Support HR processes like: recruitment, operations, invoice distribution & payroll.
  • Takes care of data entry, drive filing and organization 


  • Content scheduling & planning
  • Convert video vlog to written blog, take excerpts from
  • Creates presentations, brand messages, edits graphics & makes customer-engaging images
  • Graphic design related to e-books, sales sheets, case studies, executive reports etc.
  • Guest posting & blogging
  • Photography & photo editing
  • Podcasts, reformat and improvise old contents
  • Proofread and ghostwrite articles
  • Researching facts and figures
  • Respond to the audience on blog posts and increase visibility by creating engaging content.
  • Video content creation
  • Visual creations for illustrations, branded infographics or web page layout
  • Write email newsletter, monthly reports, content for correspondence
  • Webinars, interviews, podcasts


  • Accounting
  • Audio and video transcribing
  • Billing and coding
  • Bookkeeping
  • Calendar & itinerary management
  • Content Creation
  • Data Entry 
  • Data mining or online research
  • Email & Chat support
  • Email Management
  • Event coordination
  • Forum commenting & monitoring
  • Lifestyle management (personal errands like purchasing, booking, activity setting)
  • Minute taking and note typing
  • Organizing files in database
  • Quickbooks
  • Setting up social media accounts & profiles
  • Social media management
  • Supply management- keep track of supplies & ordering items
  • Travel & accommodation arrangements