Harley Green

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Digital Nomad:
Mastering Business and Lifestyle Freedom


Harley is a seasoned real estate investor, entrepreneur, and former software architect who knows firsthand the struggles of juggling multiple business demands while striving for growth and success. After earning his Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, Harley embarked on a career in the defense industry, where he led cutting-edge projects in signal processing and machine learning.

In 2011, Harley and his wife, Adrienne, moved to Northern Virginia, where they started a homestead and began their real estate journey by renting out their basement. Over the next nine years, they expanded their portfolio, acquiring turnkey condos and navigating the complexities of real estate investing.

In 2020, the Greens relocated to Chattanooga, TN, to tap into a burgeoning real estate market and improve their overall quality of life for their now family of 5. They diversified their strategies, engaging in flipping, BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat), and used 1031 exchanges to transition to higher performing assets like oceanfront short-term rentals. They also invested in syndications to diversify their portfolio and manage workload effectively. By 2022, their investments had yielded significant returns, enabling Harley to step down from his role in the defense industry. Leveraging his workplace retirement accounts, he converted them into self-directed IRAs to further invest in real estate and provide capital for other investors to acquire and renovate properties.

Determined to find a solution to the unproductive tasks that consumed time managing the investment portfolio and Adrienne’s real estate team, Harley explored various Virtual Assistant options, only to be met with disappointment. This led him to create Workergenix, a virtual professional business designed to eliminate the hassle and frustration of outsourcing. Workergenix makes it incredibly easy and affordable for businesses to leverage skilled virtual professionals, allowing businesses to focus on growth and success.

In 2024, after successfully selling Adrienne’s high-performing real estate team, Harley and Adrienne embraced a digital nomadic lifestyle with their 3 young children. They continue to invest in real estate and businesses as they live abroad, while sharing their knowledge and experiences to help others achieve financial independence and success. Harley is passionate about empowering others to achieve business and lifestyle freedom. By leveraging people, finances, systems, and technology, he has transformed his life, enabling him and his family to travel the world full-time.

Harley shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in:

  • Harnessing the Power of Networking
  • Optimizing Small Business Processes
  • Building Wealth through Real Estate Investments
  • Using Leverage to Scale Businesses
  • Achieving a Balance between Work, Family, and Personal Life

Through his innovative approach, Harley has mastered the art of creating a life that balances business success with personal fulfillment. He enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures with his wife and three children, all while running successful businesses from anywhere in the world. When he’s not helping others achieve their dreams through virtual professionals, Harley assists investors in building wealth through strategic real estate partnerships and networking. His journey is a testament to the possibilities of living a life of freedom and fulfillment by effectively managing and leveraging resources.


The power of networking

The Power of Networking

Small business process optimization

Small Business Process Optimization

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Using leverage to scale

Using Leverage To Scale
(People, Finances, Systems, and Technology)

Balancing Work/Family/Personal Life

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