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Entrepreneur & Investor

Many small business owners struggle to grow their businesses because they’re wasting too much of their time on unproductive and time-consuming tasks that don’t move the bottom line of their business.

Harley experienced the same struggles in his own real estate and investing businesses and began looking for ways to free his time, grow his businesses, build wealth, and create the family life that he envisioned.

He began experimenting with Virtual Assistants but found that many “Virtual Assistant” services over-promised and underdelivered. That frustration and disappointment inspired him to create Workergenix, a virtual professional business that makes it incredibly easy and affordable to enjoy all the benefits of leveraging virtual professionals without the pain and frustration.

Harley is passionate about helping others grow their businesses and live their best lives by sharing his experience and expertise in:

  1. The Power of Networking
  2. Small Business Process Optimization
  3. Building Wealth Through Real Estate
  4. Using Leverage To Scale
  5. Balancing Work/Family/Personal Life

He is a husband, father, real estate investor, and entrepreneur, and enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling with his wife and three children.

When he’s not helping others achieve their dreams through virtual professionals, Harley helps investors build wealth through real estate with powerful financial and business partnerships, networking, and his wife, Adrienne’s, real estate team, Auburndale Group.

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