Take Your Business to the Next Level
With Your Own Virtual Professional

Delegate unproductive and time-consuming work so you can focus on building the business and life you want.

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Free Your Time

Make More Money

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Love Your Life

Tired of wasting time on small tasks that stop you from growing your business?

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Sick of Social Media Management?

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Behind on your Bookkeeping?

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Done with Day-to-Day Admin Details?

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Lagging Behind on your Leads?

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Can’t Take a Break from your Business?

We’ll Help You Escape the Daily Grind So You Can:

Free Your Time

Delegate the day-to-day so you can work on your business, not in it.

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Make More Money

Prioritize your time on the handful of activities that actually grow your business.

Love Your Life

With margin in your schedule and dollars in your pocket you can now create the life you want.

What Makes Workergenix Different
Than Other “VA” Companies?


Harley Green

President – Workergenix

You may have been burned by other “virtual assistant” services that over-promised and underdelivered. I’ve experienced the same frustration and disappointment which inspired me to create my own virtual professional business that makes it incredibly easy and affordable to enjoy all the benefits of leveraging virtual professionals without the pain.

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We only hire full-time college-educated professionals chosen for each client’s unique needs; no “one size fits all” approach



We have an extensive screening process to insure our Virtual Professionals are fluent English speakers and have superior English writing skills.



We will never re-assign your virtual professional without you specifically asking, they are dedicated to you. By offering the highest salary and best benefits we retain the best talent and guarantee that our employees are more loyal and dedicated than any of our competitors.



We provide comprehensive systems and software to make tasking, managing, and communicating with your Virtual Professional(s) easy and efficient.



We come alongside every client with personalized mentorship and an exclusive Workergenix Client Mastermind group to ensure our clients get the most out of their virtual professional team.

Don’t Take Our Word for It.
What Are Business Owners Like You Saying?

C. Palermo

CAO Consults, PLLC

I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful virtual professional for over a year and a half. Ms Shaira greets me with a warm happy greeting which lifts my spirit each day. My firm leverages technology, so I appreciate Shaira’s growth mindset and willingness to learn new applications.

Shaira works independently. We communicate through MS Teams, so I am available whenever she is stuck or has a question. Workergenix has a process in place to make it easy to work with someone across the globe. Shaira assists with client weekly recurring tasks and has creative skills which help me with marketing. She recently created a wonderful graphic of the firm’s client journey. I typed a narrative and shared an example. Poof, I had a marketing asset.

If you are a business owner and struggling with all the tasks you must do to keep your business successful, I highly recommend you contact Workergenix. They will work with you to find someone who is highly skilled, reliable, and most importantly, and good fit for you.

A. Carpenter

The Transition Strategists

We have had a fabulous experience with Workergenix so far, especially with our marketing virtual professional, Angie! The hiring process was so smooth, and Angie stepped into the role with amazing professionalism, drive, and initiative. She has already taken so much off of my plate that I thought it would take a couple of months to fully transfer. I’d recommend Workergenix to anyone!


Melyssa B

Freedom Capital Group

I usually don’t leave reviews but wow!!!!!!!!! I’m so impressed with the outcome. Workergenix is a great company that hires very reliable, polite, and prompt workers. My team was assigned Mat Mercado and Read More

Photo of V Phipps

V. Phipps

Vincent I. Phipps

It can be challenging to relinquish tasks to others. Workengenix makes it easier by first listening to your needs and then providing the professionals to best complete your projects. Michael has been a wonderful VP. Read More

What Tasks Can Our Virtual Professionals
Handle For You?

Our Virtual Professionals can handle any tasks that are done on the phone or online!

Take Back Control of Your Life & Business in 5 Easy Steps


Schedule a Discovery Call

Book your free 15-minute Discovery call where we learn about your unique needs so we can find the right virtual professional for you.


Virtual Professional Search

We’ll recruit, set up, and onboard the virtual professionals best suited for your unique business needs.


Prepare to Launch

Our team will help you create your Workergenix Launch Plan so you’re ready to start experiencing the benefit of your VP as soon as they are recruited.


Launch Week

Connect with your Virtual Professional and begin working your Workergenix Launch Plan.


Accelerate Your Business

Experience freedom and momentum as you chase down your most important business and personal goals.

Pick the Plan That’s Right for Your Business.

Achieve your goals with one of our three flexible monthly plans with no long-term contract.




per month

1 Shared Virtual Professional

20 Hours / Week

Up to 6 Days / Week



Dedicated Part-Time


per month

1 Part-time Virtual Professional

20 Hours / Week

You Set Their Schedule

Up to 6 Days / Week


Dedicated Full-Time


per month

1 Full-time Virtual Professional

40 Hours / Week

You Set Their Schedule

Up to 6 Days / Week

Get Over $10,000 in Signup Bonuses!

Bonus #1

No Hassle

Total Value: $4900 – $5400

Talent Search & Placement Process

International college-educated, English speakers. Specifically matched for your business needs.

Value: $3900

Save on Salary

Save every month over an equivalent local hire

Value: $1000-$1500/mth

Do Good While Doing Well

Workergenix provides top-level in-country wages and remote work flexibility for our team. When you hire a Workergenix Virtual Professional you’re helping a talented professional secure a life changing job opportunity.

Value: Priceless



Cyber Security

Total Value: $3495

Workergenix Cyber & Liability Insurance

If something goes wrong, Workergenix can make it right.

Value: $1900

IT Infrastructure

Laptop, phone and monthly phone charges, Workergenix Task Management System, Cloud Storage

Value: $900

Virtual Professional Cyber Security Training

Our Virtual Professionals are third-party certified to protect your data online.

Value: $695


Supercharged Success

Total Value: $2586

Business Coaching Support

We’re here to help you guide you to business success.

Value: $997/mth

SEO Startup Bundle

Optimize your local Google business and social media visibility.

Value: $750

2-Week Workergenix Launch Plan

Our plan makes sure you’re setup for success with your Virtual Professional on day 1.

Value: $639

Monthly Mastermind Group

Learn best practices to maximize the value of your Virtual Professional.

Value: $200/mth

Remove the Risk with Workergenix Guarantees

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If you’re not happy with how your VP is performing in the first 30 days we’ll rematch you for free!




If you follow our Workergenix Launch Plan and attend our Monthly Client Mastermind Group and you don’t feel like you are crushing your goals within 6 months we’ll give you a free month and one-on-one coaching to get you back on track.


Ghost Us


If at any point you don’t feel we’re delivering the value we promised, you can ghost us (cancel) at any time, take all your cloud files with you, and never look back!


Limited Space Available


Book your free 15-minute discovery call to secure
your free trial spot.

Free Resources

Delegate or Die Free Resource Graphic

Delegate Or Die:

100 Tasks to Delegate That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level.

Don’t let overwhelming tasks suffocate your progress – use the Delegate or Die task checklist to reclaim your time, increase productivity, and elevate your business to new heights.

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10 Ways A Virtual Professional Can Save You Time And Make You Money!

A Virtual Professional isn’t an expense, it is an investment in the most important asset of your business – you!

It’s Time to Get the Help you Need To Grow Your Business

Most entrepreneurs think they can’t afford to add a staff person to their team. The reality is you can’t afford not to. Every day you’re wasting time and money paying yourself to do work that could be done by someone else for much less money.


Even if you are convinced that having someone to delegate to would increase your revenue and reduce your stress, the headache of hiring, setting up benefits, investing in IT, and managing payroll taxes holds you back from leveling up your business.


Let Workergenix do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what matters most: Growing your business and loving your life.

You Might Be Wondering…

Of Course! Our virtual professionals are all pre-screened to insure they are fluent English speakers and have superior English writing skills.

Of Course! Our virtual professionals are all pre-screened to insure they are fluent English speakers and have superior English writing skills.

Nope! All Workergenix Virtual Professionals have their own computers, email addresses, VOIP phone service with a local number to your business, online chat, video conferencing, and messaging through the Workergenix task management system.

It’s Easy! Just record a video of yourself performing the desired task and provide them with an example of the desired outcome – it’s that simple. Your Virtual Professional will turn this into a clearly written repeatable procedure for future reference.


Workergenix also provides you with tips and best practices to get the most out of your Virtual Professional every month during our exclusive mastermind sessions.

Most Workergenix subscriptions are billed monthly and can be cancelled 2 weeks prior to the next month’s billing cycle.

All Workergenix subscriptions include secure access to Google Workspace cloud storage area exclusive to each client and their Virtual Professional(s).

Virtual Professionals work during your regular business hours for up to 8 hours per day. You can spread their schedules out to cover 6 days per week if that works best for you. Need 7 days a week availability? We’ve got you covered with our exclusive Pro+ Plan.

Virtual Professionals work during your regular business hours for up to 8 hours per day. You can spread their schedules out to cover 6 days per week if that works best for you. Need 7 days a week availability? We’ve got you covered with our exclusive Pro+ Plan.

Virtual Professionals are eager and willing to learn new skills and procedures. Workergenix provides you with best-practices and monthly mastermind sessions so you can get the most out of your Virtual Professional.


Some of the most common Virtual Professional roles include:
Executive Assistants
Schedule Coordinators
Social Media Managers
Real Estate Transaction Coordinators
Sales Representatives
Customer Support Specialists
Data Entry Analysts
Blog Content Creators
Personal Concierges, and more!

Workergenix Virtual Professionals are highly motivated and eager to please their clients. If you do encounter any issues we’ll coach you on your Virtual Professional on how overcome them. If you’re still not happy, we’ll find match you with a different Professional until you are.

If you have critical operations we offer Pro+ plan which provides you with two dedicated virtual professionals to ensure you are always covered. For our other plans your Virtual Professional will make-up their missed hours with you when it is convenient for you!

Working with Workergenix means you are working with a local, US-based firm backed by industry leading liability and cyber insurance. If there ever were to be a problem, you know we will make it right!