Why Workergenix?

Free your time. Unlock your potential.

Workergenix supercharges our clients’ business and personal endeavors by providing a simple, cost-effective, solution that frees their time to focus on what really matters.

Workergenix provides our clients with dedicated, college educated, motivated, virtual professionals (VPs) to handle our clients’ business and personal tasks. Clients enjoy all the benefits of dedicated professionals without the overhead of hiring, human resources, benefits, payroll taxes, work culture maintenance, basic IT infrastructure, high employee turnover, and skyrocketing labor costs. Clients can rest assured their VPs are being well compensated with unmatched pay, benefits, and training systems for the industry; ensuring our clients’ VPs will stay with them for the long run.

Workergenix’s unique virtual professional management system provides our clients with a highly streamlined system for initiating, tracking, and managing their tasks with their assigned virtual professionals. This system optimizes productivity, identifies bottlenecks, and simplifies communication. All Workergenix virtual professionals are available to our clients with Workergenix provided email, chat, phone, video conference, and task management portal.

One incredible benefit realized by Workergenix clients is the increased accountability they have from working with the Workergenix virtual professionals. This increased accountability helps ignite their internal productivity fire and helps produce incredible life changing results. An added bonus to all Workergenix clients is membership in our exclusive monthly Workergenix Mastermind where we learn the best ways to optimize productivity and live our ideal lives.

Benefits Summary

  • College educated professionals
  • Highly motivated professionals
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Accountability
  • Optimized Task Management
  • Email, phone, chat, video conference, and task management portal included
  • 8x7x365 Coverage Options
  • Economical Rates
  • Predictable Monthly Costs
  • Easy Automatic Billing
  • Remain competitive by controlling labor costs
  • Monthly Client Mastermind
  • VPs receive above industry standard wages and benefits to increase loyalty and minimize turnover
  • We handle all foreign transaction fees
  • No Lengthy Hiring Search
  • No HR overhead
  • No Payroll Taxes
  • No Employee Benefits
  • No added IT overhead / computer costs

Workergenix Task Management Dashboard

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