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Are you struggling to get started with real estate investing and looking for independent advice on what to do next? Are you looking to take on new investing strategies and looking for an experienced guide to mentor you through the process? Are you ready to learn about advanced real estate investing strategies and exciting ways you can leverage all your various funds to build generational wealth?


Harley is an experienced investor that has deployed a variety of different strategies across a range of real estate asset classes to create multigenerational wealth for his family and secure freedom of time and freedom of money. He is eager to share his knowledge with other aspiring and seasoned investors to help them achieve their full potential!

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Harley is passionate about helping others grow their businesses and live their best lives by sharing his experience and expertise in:

Balancing Work/Family/Personal Life

Using Leverage To Scale

Small Business Process Optimization

The Power of Networking

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

In 2016 he and his wife began their adventure in real estate investing with the purchase of a small condo.

Harley and his wife now own and manage a sizable real estate enterprise, including single family homes, vacation homes, an RV Park, syndications, and a real estate agent team.

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