Workergenix provides successful individuals and businesses with the dedicated virtual professionals they need to handle all their tasks. Our dedicated virtual professionals free you from all the things you’ve been meaning to have someone else do while increasing your accountability to achieve more. All in the simplest and most cost-effective way.

Workergenix Virtual Professional Subscriptions

Loyal Virtual Professionals

Workergenix offers loyal virtual professionals in 3 simple monthly subscription plans.

These plans give you the option to start off small with a shared virtual professional, ease into leveraging people with a dedicated part-time virtual professional that you can be confident in the time you invest training to handle your specific tasks and roles then transition them to full-time when you are ready to get the best value.

Pick Your Plan

Realize your goals with one of our three affordable plans




per month

Only $14.76/hr!

1 Shared Virtual Professional

20 Hours / Week

Up to 6 Days / Week


Dedicated Part-Time


per month

Only $17.07/hr!

1 Part-time Virtual Professional

20 Hours / Week
You set their schedule!

Up to 6 Days / Week




per month

Only $11.52/hr!

1 Full-time Virtual Professional

40 Hours / Week
You set their schedule!

Up to 6 Days / Week

What You Get

  • Loyal, Motivated, College-Educated Professionals
  • Flexible Coverage up to 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Workergenix Task Management System
  • Workergenix Mastermind Membership
  • Workergenix IT Communication Infrastructure

What You Don’t Get

  • No Lengthy Hiring Search
  • No HR Overhead
  • No Payroll Taxes
  • No Employee Benefits
  • No Additional Office Overhead
  • No Added IT Overhead

All in 1 Easy Monthly Payment

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