Workergenix provides successful individuals and businesses with the dedicated virtual professionals they need to handle all their tasks. Our dedicated virtual professionals free you from all the things you’ve been meaning to have someone else do while increasing your accountability to achieve more. All in the simplest and most cost-effective way.

Workergenix Virtual Professional Subscriptions

Loyal Virtual Professionals

Workergenix offers loyal virtual professionals in 3 simple monthly subscription plans.

These plans give you the option to start off small with a shared virtual professional, ease into leveraging people with a dedicated part-time virtual professional that you can be confident in the time you invest training to handle your specific tasks and roles then transition them to full-time when you are ready to get the best value.

Pick the Plan That’s Right for Your Business.

Achieve your goals with one of our three flexible monthly plans with no long-term contract.




per month

1 Shared Virtual Professional

20 Hours / Week

Up to 6 Days / Week


Dedicated Part-Time


per month

1 Part-time Virtual Professional

20 Hours / Week
You Set Their Schedule

Up to 6 Days / Week


Dedicated Full-Time


per month

1 Full-time Virtual Professional

40 Hours / Week
You Set Their Schedule

Up to 6 Days / Week

Get Over



No Hassle

Total Value: $4900 – $5400

Talent Search & Placement Process
International college-educated, English speakers. Specifically matched for your business needs.

Value: $3900

Save on Salary
Save every month over an equivalent local hire

Value: $1000-$1500/mth

Do Good While Doing Well
Workergenix provides top-level in-country wages and remote work flexibility for our team. When you hire a Workergenix Virtual Professional you’re helping a talented professional secure a life changing job opportunity.

Value: Priceless


Cyber Security

Total Value: $3495

Workergenix Cyber & Liability Insurance
If something goes wrong, Workergenix can make it right.

Value: $1900

IT Infrastructure
Laptop, phone and monthly phone charges, Workergenix Task Management System, Cloud Storage

Value: $900

Virtual Professional Cyber Security Training
Our Virtual Professionals are third-party certified to protect your data online.

Value: $695


Supercharged Success

Total Value: $2586

Business Coaching Support
We’re here to help you guide you to business success.

Value: $997/mth

SEO Startup Bundle
Optimize your local Google business and social media visibility.

Value: $750

2-Week Workergenix Launch Plan
Our plan makes sure you’re setup for success with your Virtual Professional on day 1.

Value: $639

Monthly Mastermind Group
Learn best practices to maximize the value of your Virtual Professional.

Value: $200/mth

Remove the Risk with Workergenix Guarantees




If you’re not happy with how your VP is performing in the first 30 days we’ll rematch you for free!




If you follow our Workergenix Launch Plan and attend our Monthly Client Mastermind Group and you don’t feel like you are crushing your goals within 6 months we’ll give you a free month and one-on-one coaching to get you back on track.




If at any point you don’t feel we’re delivering the value we promised, you can ghost us (cancel) at any time, take all your cloud files with you, and never look back!

*Additional service terms can be found here.