Do the Virtual Professionals (VP) speak English?

Yes, our virtual professionals all are fluent English speakers and have superior English writing skills. Some may have slight regional accents.

What hours do the VPs work?

VPs will work your regular business hours. VPs are expected to work 8 hours per day, with a 1 hour lunch break. VP schedules can be spread over up to 6 days per week, unless you are on the Pro+ plan with daily coverage.

What IT systems are included with the VPs?

All VPs have their own computers, typically they will have a primary and a backup. Workergenix provides all VPs with professional @workergenix.com email addresses, a VOIP phone service with a number local to your business, online chat, online video conferencing, and messaging through the Workergenix task management system.

What kind of work can VPs perform?

VPs can perform any task on the computer or phone. Most VPs are generalists that are eager and willing to learn new skills and procedures. We provide guidance and monthly mastermind sessions with our clients to ensure clients optimize their utilization of the Workergenix VPs. We have put together some example roles you can view on our “What can a Virtual Professional Do?” page. Some examples of common VP roles include: Executive Assistants, Schedule Coordinators, Social Media Managers, Real Estate Transaction Coordinators, Sales Representatives, Customer Support Specialists, Data Entry Analysts, Blog Content Creators, Personal Concierges, and more!

How do I instruct the VPs?

The best way to train your VP is to simply record a video of someone performing the desired task and providing them with an example of the desired outcome. They will then turn this into a clearly written repeatable procedure. Other tips and best practices are shared in the exclusive Workergenix monthly client mastermind sessions.

What if there are problems with the VP’s work?

Workergenix VPs are highly motivated and eager to please their clients. Any errors are generally due to unclear procedure instructions. We recommend revisiting any provided instructions and going over them with the VP to ensure they can be correctly followed. Ultimately it comes down to communication. There is no replacement for having regular video chats with your VP (just as you would any new employee) to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Is there a commitment?

All Workergenix subscriptions are billed monthly and can be cancelled anytime prior to the next month’s billing cycle, with the exception of signed 12 month commitments. Annual subscriptions are available and include waiving the setup fee.

Do the VPs have days off?

Yes, all VPs are entitled to 8 holidays and 5 personal days per year where they may not be available during regular business hours. It is not unusual for VPs to voluntarily make up the work hours on other days. If an VP is unavailable to work due to illness, we will do our best to assign a temporary replacement.

What if the VP is sick?

While it is rare that VPs get sick enough to miss work, we do maintain a reserve of available VPs to fill in for short periods of time to ensure critical operations continue for our clients. If they are sick enough and miss work, they are allowed up to 5 personal days that this would count towards. Even with using personal days, VPs often will make up the hours when they return to work.

How do I share sensitive resources with the VP?

We recommend utilizing VP specific accounts with role-based access controls to ensure they have access to just the resources they need to perform their job. Utilizing a business credit card that allows for creation of “virtual” card numbers with spending limits is also a best practice to allow your VP to make purchases on your behalf.

How do I keep my data secure with working with the VP?

Security is a big concern for many people and the best way to address it is the same way you address it for your local staff and yourself personally: be smart with social engineering / phishing attempts. The vast majority of security issues happen due to the human in the loop, not security weakness in a computer system. We do provide secure cloud storage space for exchanging documents with your VP and VPs email is all through Google Workspace. Some clients choose to create email accounts on their internal mail servers and other software systems for their VP so they have more direct control of data flow as well.

Still have additional questions?

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