C. Palermo

I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful virtual professional for over a year and a half. Ms Shaira greets me with a warm happy greeting which lifts my spirit each day. My firm leverages technology, so I appreciate Shaira’s growth mindset and willingness to learn new applications.

Shaira works independently. We communicate through MS Teams, so I am available whenever she is stuck or has a question. Workergenix has a process in place to make it easy to work with someone across the globe. Shaira assists with client weekly recurring tasks and has creative skills which help me with marketing. She recently created a wonderful graphic of the firm’s client journey. I typed a narrative and shared an example. Poof, I had a marketing asset.

If you are a business owner and struggling with all the tasks you must do to keep your business successful, I highly recommend you contact Workergenix. They will work with you to find someone who is highly skilled, reliable, and most importantly, and good fit for you.