What Does A Secretary And Administrative Assistant Do?

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants are people who help a company’s or institution’s top staff. They are primarily focused on corporate governance, effective administration, and regulatory compliance, but they also involve a broad variety of legal, ethical, and corporate duties. But there is a difference between their specific roles and responsibilities. 


A secretary is a person whose sole work is clerical. Secretaries operate in a variety of settings. In small businesses, secretaries may spend the majority of their time dealing with mail and answering the phone. An executive secretary may work in a large corporate office building in a spacious office. Entry-level secretaries may work in a big room as part of a team. Medical secretaries may work in high-traffic doctor’s offices. Most secretaries interact and collaborate with a wide range of people. A secretary will not have any other key responsibilities, and he or she will not have the authority to make choices on his or her own. 

The Secretary is responsible for:

  1. Schedules agendas and timetables for meetings, conferences, and other activities as provided
  2. Ensuring that meetings are effectively arranged and minuted
  3. Keeping accurate data and administering them effectively 
  4. Performs other related duties as assigned

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant has more responsibilities than a secretary. The work of an administrative assistant is well above that of a clerical position. An administrative assistant has the authority to make independent decisions. Administrative assistants manage other employees, plan meetings, and examine submissions, memos, and significant reports. It is the administrative assistants’ role to schedule meetings between the executive members and the various committees. Some administrative assistants are also tasked with the preparation of statistical reports, something secretaries are not permitted to undertake.

Administrative assistants play a critical role in organizing, managing, and administering an office. Most administrative assistants are in charge of clerical and organizational responsibilities such as file management, appointment scheduling, supporting other staff members, and writing mail or communications.

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for: 

  1. Filing, preparing reports and presentations, setting up meetings, and restocking supplies are all examples of office chores
  2. Booking appointments and resolving issues in real time to provide real-time scheduling help 
  3. Arranging travel preparations, such as booking flights and renting automobiles, as well as making hotel and restaurant reservations
  4. Monitoring phone calls and forwarding them to relevant people 
  5. Create reports, transcribe meeting minutes, prepare presentations, and conduct research using computers

The Importance of Having a Secretary and Admin Assistants

Administrative assistants and secretaries are the backbones of almost any organization. Their roles are critical to running a small business, they will play a critical part in ensuring that the business’s processes run smoothly. A secretary’s or admin assistant’s responsibilities are no longer limited to general tasks, but can differ considerably depending on the type of organization in which he or she works.

Administrative assistants and secretaries are needed in every field. The time you spend on administrative activities and scheduling may be far better spent building the business. 

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Professional: Secretary and Administrative Assistant

A virtual assistant can provide you more time and flexibility to accomplish the things you value. You may focus on your company plan, establish stronger relationships with your clients or consumers, or even spend more time with your family.

  • Cost-saving. Because a virtual assistant works remotely, you may save a lot of money on expenses. Most virtual assistants work from home, so you won’t need to pay for extra office space, coffee, or supplies.
  • Increase in Productivity. Virtual assistants are responsible for a variety of tasks, including monitoring your email and maintaining spreadsheets. Them doing you daily tasks like data entry, answering phones, contacting suppliers, clients, and payroll all contribute to your increased productivity.

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