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Yup, you read that title right. Not all Mondays are dreaded. Not this one though. Imagine yourself performing daily managerial tasks, and administrative functions and collaborating with your team without having to do it manually. It’s interesting and exciting to know that there’s a way to meet these requirements by using a very flexible Work Operating System like offers numerous game-changing features that would benefit the whole team. It’s a great tool for easy communication and collaboration. This also eliminates the need to use different platforms from time to time to manage work and activities. Through its flexible Dashboards, you stay updated with each team member’s progress and productivity. With its visual and intuitive attributes, you get a clear view of what to do next to move forward. 

Monday has a great number of features and functionalities. Let me give you an idea of how flexible it can help you with simple tasks such as time-tracking.


Using to arrange its features to make it work as a Timecard can make companies save much money on time tracking apps. The average price or cost of paying a time tracking app for each user is $4 to $15 times the number of employees. 

Here’s a Video to Guide you on How to Create a Timecard

Having the ability to customize a Dashboard as a Timecard like this can help the administrators view all employees’ attendance in a single glance. It can help them monitor and keep track of the time the employees are working. It’s a feature that will help businesses avoid the tedious manual timekeeping method or use a physical timecard machine to compile and encode attendance reports.

For employees, it helps them to be more responsible with their timecard. Additionally, they don’t need to use another tool or platform for this effort.

For business owners who want to know how to manage and work with their Remote workers effectively and efficiently, this will be a great key to their quests. It’s just one of many practical and effective features of Monday that can lead you to achieve more productivity and success.

Where to find Remote Professionals experienced with

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These Remote Professionals are experienced using different tools, applications, and Work Operating Systems like to do their daily tasks as productively and efficiently as possible.

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