Why do you need to hire an Administrative Assistant to your company?

Why do you need to hire an administrative assistant for your business?

Whatever industry you are in, there is an administrative side to your business operation. To run the process smoothly, administrative assistants should be part of the team.  All clerical tasks, including organizing meetings, generating reports, and taking phone calls, can be handled by the assistant. Because as your company grows, you may receive more inquiries, inbound sales, service requests, and so on. All of these manual, repetitive, and reactive processes will expand. When that time comes, you may require a fresh set of eyes to assist you with your business functions, allowing you to focus on the most profitable tasks.

According to Bethany Gallea (2019), there are 5 benefits of hiring an Administrative Assistant.

The five benefits of Hiring an Administrative Assistant are the following: 

  1. It will free up your time. Having an assistant will make your life easier. Clearing tasks at your desk will be done by your assistant, so you’ll have more time for what you need to focus on. 
  1. Administrative Assistant Streamlines clerical duties. Every business owner procrastinates about one duty or another, you tend to leave tasks to the last minute. But if you have your assistant can do all these things by streamlining all of these tasks. 
  1. The communication hub to connect everyone. An assistant can help you to reach out to those customers or clients who need your assistance.   Hiring an administrative assistant to assist you with the administrative side of your business is a brilliant move. An administrative assistant job description is a detailed document that lists job details, duties, and expectations for the position. It also includes information about your company’s compensation, benefits, and culture. With all of this in place, an effective job description will assist you in the future in hiring the right administrative assistants for your company.
  1. A Welcoming Presence in the Office. An administrative Assistant may be in charge to greet visitors arriving on site and helping them connect with other people. Having an assistant will make your life easier in terms of communicating with your clients and customers.
  1. They can Offset Your Weaknesses. We people tend to have strengths but obviously, we have to offset our weaknesses to know our strengths. The job we are doing right now is our strength. The help of Administrative Assistants is the one that can strengthen us.

Does hiring an administrative assistant make sense for your business in Chattanooga, Hamilton and Tennessee?

An administrative assistants are essential for all types of businesses. They are the one who will be in-charge in creating a productive day in all call clerical tasks, including organizing meetings, generating reports, and taking phone calls, which can be handle by the assistant. Whether you’re a high-level executive or a middle manager, you probably have a lot of important responsibilities and duties that keep you busy every day—along with some less important tasks that consume more of your time than you would like. If items in the latter category are preventing you from completing more important tasks, it may be time to seek assistance. In other words, you should most likely hire an administrative assistant. With that, hiring an administrative assistant or virtual professionals make sense in Chattanoga, Hamilton and Tennessee. As hiring Administrative Assistants in Chattanooga Business will be a big help to play a critical role in organizing, managing, and administering an office. Also,  it will play some of your duties and responsibilities. 

 Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Answering phone calls for the office and management team
  • Managing emails, calendar, and scheduling tasks for Leadership
  • Creating presentation materials that are client ready.
  • Willing to run company errands as needed
  • Ordering office supplies and keeping inventory of office supplies

Where can you get the best Administrative Assistant?
A great administrative assistant can help your office run smoothly by answering phones, scheduling virtual meetings, assisting remote employees with new software, creating presentations, supporting office reopenings, assisting with purchasing, or monitoring the company’s social media pages. Finding a job candidate with the right knowledge, skills, and experience to perfectly suit your requirements can be difficult when it comes to administrative assistant hiring. But when it comes to hiring administrative assistants, an excellent option is to partner with a specialized and right people or agency. With this, Workergenix can assist you with a virtual professional by providing what you need in your business. Contact us today for free, 15 minutes, no-obligation, consultation.