As a business owner, it is inevitable that there will be many tasks to deal with. Responding and rerouting phone calls, setting up meetings, and facilitating communication within an office and with the public and providing personalized support for other employees in their office cannot be done by a business owner alone.

According to Zippia The average secretary in Chattanooga, TN makes $31,279 annually. The average hourly rate for a secretary is $15.04/hr. This compares to the national average secretary salary of $36,442. Below, we break down the average secretary salary in Chattanooga, TN by the highest paying companies and industries.

Typical Secretary Tasks

A secretary fulfills the behind-the-scenes work of an office or company. A typical secretary’s tasks include organizing files, preparing documents, managing office supply inventory, and scheduling appointments. The duties of a secretary can be simple or very important. They play the most important role of a must business because they serve as one of the first points of contact between a customer or client and the company. 

Depending on the field and the tasks assigned, a secretary’s computers are a very important tool for secretaries; they allow for the quick and easy performance of many of their required responsibilities, so computer skills are a must. Due to the work assigned, proper phone etiquette is a must as making a good, proper impression with customers or clients is one of their top responsibilities. Secretaries can work with anyone associated with the company they work for, the ability to communicate and cooperate with others is a must. 

Entry-level secretary positions typically don’t require more than a minimum level of education, whereas top-level and executive secretaries are likely to have degrees in the field in which they work as well as other certifications. Employers can have varying education and certification requirements for their secretaries. For many secretarial jobs, at least some on-the-job training or certification programs are necessary.

The majority of secretaries’ hours vary depending on the industry. Generally speaking, secretaries are expected to arrive at work earlier or at the same time as their supervisor and to stay just as long as that supervisor. However, in general, secretaries can anticipate working 9 to 5 or 8 to 5 hours per day.

A small business’s main worry when hiring a new employee is simply money. It takes a lot of time to integrate a new employee into the company, from the hiring process to the training program.

The money you must spend on employee onboarding and training is something that many businesses and recruiters overlook when recruiting someone. These include items related to information technology, such as computers, phones, and software licensing.

Better Alternative: Workergenix Virtual Professionals

A hiring alternative, according to Indeed, is a strategy used by companies to find labor without having to hire long-term workers. When employing conventional recruiting practices, businesses go through the recruitment, onboarding, and training processes as well as offer employees a wage and benefits.

You can avoid going through all the employment processes by using the hiring alternative strategy. Your time and money will be saved by using alternate ways. Employers can avoid all the expenses associated with hiring new employees as well as the consequences of high turnover, low productivity, and absenteeism. Additionally, they can avoid paying extra for the advantages of regular employment.

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