How Much Does It Cost For Search Engine Marketing?

It is widely assumed that people use search engines to solve problems, find answers to questions, or learn how to do something. Because it is targeted, Search Engine Marketing traffic (either organic SEO or Paid Search Advertising) is regarded as the most important source of Internet traffic.

So what exactly is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website’s results on specific search engines by using paid advertisements. It includes SEO, contextual advertising, AdSense, social networking, pay-per-click (PPC), AdWords, and other similar services. Search Engine Marketing is a subset of digital marketing that goes beyond SEO.

What can Search Engine Marketing(SEM) do for your businesses? 

We know that 9 out of every 10 Google-indexed pages receive no search traffic. SEM is an alternative method for websites to rank above organic search results for commercially valuable keywords.

Brands can compete for this based on their willingness to pay (bid amount), ad quality, keyword selection, and click-through rate (CTR). You’ll also notice sites that run paid ads against searches for their brand names or on keywords for which they already rank well organically. Search engine marketing is used by businesses to outperform competitors who rank higher organically and to protect their brand.

  • SEM results on the SERP page are marked as ‘Ads’.
  • SEM results are targeted to a specific group of users.
  • SEM results run on a pay-per-click model.

How much does search engine marketing cost per month?

A reputable Search Engine Marketing company will charge you at least $2500 per month. The number of pages, content, industries, competitions, and pricing are all based on a monthly contract. 

Around 65 percent of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also known as search engine marketing (SEM). But how much do these organizations pay for SEM services? SMBs spend $9000 to $10,000 per month on SEM, which includes ads spending and administrative fees.

According to, this is how much SEO will cost in 2022.

Cheap SEO$500 to 3,000 per month
Mid-range SEO$3,000 to $15,000 per month
High-end SEO$15,000 to $30,000 per unit
Enterprise SEO$30,000 to 1 Million per month

Most businesses in the United States spend less than $5,000 per month on SEO. 40% of these people spend less than $1,000, which is where most actual small businesses and startups are located. Remember that these prices are most likely related to the difficulty and scope of the project. Those who pay less than $500 per month may be local businesses!

How much does it cost for the Google search engine?

What kind of charges can I expect from Google Ads? Depending on the budget, the potential for traffic is limited. As a result, when searchers click on a website from the search results or on an advertisement, they are more likely to convert. SEM traffic is more valuable than any other source of traffic due to the relevance of the displayed websites and ads.

CPC (Google Search Network)$1 to $2 per click
CPC (Google Display Network)$1 or less per click
Professional Google Ads Management$350 to $5000 or 12-30% of ad spend per month
PPC Management Tools$15 to $800 per month

Interesting Facts:

  • Only 30% of new businesses claim to use SEO for marketing purposes. Only 12% use PPC advertising (Source: TNW News).
  • SEO is one of the best strategies for 47% of digital marketers, but it is also one of the most difficult for 39%.(Source: TNW News)

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