What Roles Can Be Done Remotely?

What Roles Can Be Done Remotely

Working remotely is not entirely a new concept. Gone are the days that every employee needs to be physically present to office buildings in order to execute work. Remote work has been around for as long as people have traveled for work. In fact, it was the “norm” long before downtown offices even existed but working remotely has been rapidly rising even before this pandemic hit us last 2019. Despite the fact that this Covid-19 pandemic greatly affected the jobs of many people worldwide, it has opened up opportunities for remote works to be adopted by companies.

So what are the roles you can do remotely? There are lots of location independent jobs you can do nowadays. Let me give you some of the top roles you can do remotely or what companies may choose to apply for their businesses.

  1. Writer

You’ll be surprised how much you can earn with this profession or talent while working remotely. It is one of the perfect examples of a role that has long been done remotely. Most of the time, all you need is your “creative juices” to kick in and the inspiration to write quality content. 

It is a great opportunity for people who have specialization. People who have a medical background can curate highly sought-after articles or topics that are highly beneficial for a huge number of people.

  1. Project Manager

They oversee and manage the completion of large projects. Project Managers are responsible for planning, organizing, setting timeline, delegating tasks to different people and teams.

It is a high paying job since it requires strategic thinking and excellent problem-solving skills. Most industries have their own project manager. Your businesses can have your own remote project manager, depending on the industry your company is in.

For applicants who would want to explore being a project manager remotely, consider having exposure to different Project Management tools, courses and CRM available today. It will definitely help you ace that interview and work with the company you love.

  1. Graphic Designer

It is another type of talent that you can utilize to fullest and get multiple projects depending on your skills and knowledge. You should build that astonishing portfolio now and get ready to showcase your skills through your outputs. A lot of great opportunities are waiting for you. All companies will be needing graphic designers for their logos, promotional materials, websites and product designs to execute branding strategy as well.

Your ideas and expertise will reflect on their own. It’s a job or something that you are already doing in the comfort of your home or wherever you think you work creatively and productively.

  1. Social Media Manager

Everyone has a Social Media account nowadays, even small and big businesses too. It  has been one of the effective marketing platforms utilized by everyone today. It is a very tedious job and Executives don’t need to be adding this one on their plates. This is where Social Media Manager enters. 

SMM will be in charge of the daily postings, contents, analytics and even responding to queries. It is important for your business to have that social media presence it needs to create and maximize engagements and experience its benefits to the fullest. If you are great at social media, monetize your skills and bank into it.

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